About us

ReGaming is a level 80+ mobile game app promotion and affiliate marketing platform. Developers and marketers by day and true gamers by night built ReGaming to improve apps marketing experience and to ensure gaming apps target playing traffic.

In 2015 we combined our skills to bring mobile game app marketing to the new scale and finally formed ReGaming in Las Vegas, NV USA. We earned the highest score – indisputable reputation and won the acknowledgement of mobile app marketers, developers and advertisers.

Discover our golden inventory for your gaming campaigns and rock the market. We help you acquire interested users on a 100% risk free CPI basis.

Our advertisers get the support of dedicated ninja accounts and affiliates who can make traffic fight for your offers and who are ready to combat fraud.

Publishers choose us for they know they are paid out every Monday with no hold amounts for installs generated on our global collection of mobile games. Monetize $$$ your international traffic with ReGaming's wide range of direct offers that all your players will love.

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Unlike other mobile affiliate marketing platforms, ReGaming was formed by affiliates, developers, and advertisers. This is why we are the ONLY mobile revenue partner you need. We will provide you with the widest range of mobile game download offers you'll find anywhere. Best of all, a large chunk of these are unique direct offers from advertisers unlike the generic recycled offers you get at other networks. Best of all, we'll work closely with you so you can unlock every cent of value from your hard-earned mobile traffic. Sign up as an affiliate today and see the difference only ReGaming can bring to your bottom line.

  • Responsive Dedicated Affiliate Managers

    The only wrong question is the one that wasn't asked. Don't be shy about asking us any questions. If you have any questions your dedicated affiliate manager is available on a 24/7 basis to help you get the answers you need to succeed!

  • Make Money With More Offers

    Our wide selection of over 1000 daily mobile game app offers makes it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your traffic!

  • Make More Money With Exclusive Direct Offers

    Make more money from your traffic by offering them something different. We offer apps that can't be found on other mobile advertising networks.

  • Get Special Deals From Direct Advertisers

    Get late-breaking exclusive offers directly from our advertisers. Stop wasting your time promoting the same stuff your competitors are pushing.

  • Earn real money with ReGaming

    Since we pay you a 90% revenue share per install, download, or customer action, say good-bye to other networks who pay only chump change.

  • Make more money with global traffic

    Stop settling for less than your traffic is worth. We offer a wide range of global offers that pay top dollar for your global traffic!

Mobile developers

Being developers ourselves, we know you are always looking for as many ways to generate revenue from your games. We have experimented with many different ad serving technologies to come up with a very responsive fraud-resistant system featuring a wide range of international offers. Install our ad serving system with a few lines of code and start making money off your games' reach regardless of where your players come from.

ReGaming is the only monetization partner you'll need because our robust and highly effective advertiser and affiliate recruitment systems ensure you'll be able to make top dollar off all the hard work and hours you poured into developing your awesome game.

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